Corporate Wellness consultant
Speaker - trainer - coach - athlete


The Power of Wellness


Lisa’s 90-minute roundtable seminar will provide usable and clear cut information on the components of total wellness and its simple implementation. 

This practical and concise material illuminates the truth and is a gateway to greater wellness, resulting in better choices, optimal health, and higher productivity. 

Education leads to better choices.  Better choices mean better returns.  Everyone wins.


Lisa gets your employees thinking, acting and moving in the right direction.  Her input positively alters the work environment.

Usable and clear cut information for achieving optimal functionality provides the groundwork for real change.  Employees will learn that wellness and productivity are rooted in being healthy and balanced.   They will understand choosing protein and healthy carbs at lunch will  net better afternoon project results.  Individuals will choose positive conversations that produce forward thinking.  They will understand the difference between conscious choices and unconscious reactions. 

They’ll be the change they want to see in themselves, their families, their clients, their world.

Lisa teaches ”balance and health”, so people are happier and more productive.  It works and the results are immediate.  The benefits are priceless to an individual, a family, a department, a company.